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Photo of Darkhad Valley in Mongolia

Unto the Darkhad There Came a Great Light

In the barely accessible and seldom visited central hump of northern Mongolia, just west of Lake Khövsgöl, lies Darkhad Valley, the homeland of the Darkhad tribe. About sixteen thousand Darkhad, mostly herdsmen (though darkhad means craftsmen), cling to a difficult semi-nomadic existence in this harsh and wild environment that is considered remote and inaccessible even by Mongolian standards. …continue reading…

Photo of Yao men eating at a wedding feast

Breakthroughs Among the Yao of Mozambique

We were young, excited YWAMers, and we went in 1998 to live among the Yao people. At that time, there were just about ten Yao believers in the whole of Mozambique. It was the hardest people group in that whole area. That was like the stronghold, where the devil really had his hands on the Yao people.

For the first eight years, we lived in the city, and we saw very little happen. We basically learned what not to do. Then we got connected with Frontier Missions, and we started learning to do a few things differently. …continue reading…

Photo of children

Christian Martyred in Asia

Twelve Christian fellowships met this past week in a Muslim dominated town in Western South Asia to break bread together and be encouraged by their leader, “Joseph”, who had introduced most of them to Christ. A few days later, four masked gunmen in uniforms burst into Joseph’s home, took him outside, and shot him dead. …continue reading…

Graphic image highlighting dense population in South and East Asia

Surprising Numbers

The Center for the Study of Global Christianity, based at Gordon Conwell Seminary, published an excellent report in June 2013 regarding Christianity in its Global Context. Below are some statistics that may surprise you. (More details can be found online at Gordon Conwell’s website).

On the map above, 3.819 billion people live within the highlighted circle, and 3.227 billion live elsewhere.

Here are the twenty countries with the highest Average Annual Christian Growth Rate:

1 Nepal (Asia, South Central): 10.93%

2 China (Asia, Eastern): 10.86%

3 United Arab Emirates (Arabian Peninsula): 9.34%
…continue reading…

Photo of Andrew and Paul

“I Aim to Kneel”

The two Landrovers pulled into the service plaza on the remote stretch of Sahara Desert road, and their 15 passengers stiffly and gratefully climbed out. While the drivers filled up at the diesel pumps, the other team members wandered around, stretching their legs and exploring the limited food options. One young man, Andrew, approached a group of locals and began to talk with them, using the caution that was called for in this Muslim nation. He learned that one of the men was from a native ethnic group. “That’s wonderful!,” Andrew exclaimed. “We have been hoping to meet people from your group but didn’t expect to do so way out here in the desert. We have a movie about Jesus in your own language; would you like to watch it?” A team leader brought over a personal DVD player, and a small group was soon engrossed in the “Jesus” film. Midway through the movie, a truckload of national police arrived at the plaza, creating tension and temporarily halting the event. …continue reading…

Photo of the woman on the beach

The Woman in the Sea

Halfway through the “Fire and Spirit” discipleship school, the students are divided into teams and sent out to share with unbelievers, pray for people on the street, and continue to grow in their relationship with the Lord and one another as they learn to work together. Please pray for these teams and the people they encounter. We are grateful and excited that the Lord touches people as the students step out in faith and God moves in miraculous ways. Here are some exciting testimonies:

During a prayer time before going out on the streets to share and pray for people, some students and staff felt the Lord telling them that they should go to a nearby mosque, where they would find a woman wearing a pink dress. One person also felt the Lord spoke the name “Murat”. As they walked past the mosque, …continue reading…

Amazon Smile large logo

A New Way to Give

…that doesn’t cost you anything!

Okay, it sounds too good to be true. But thanks to the generosity of the Amazon Foundation, you can support our efforts to reach the unreached, and it comes out of their pockets, not yours. Here’s how it works:

Click on the button below, “Get Started”. A new window or tab will open at the AmazonSmile website. Simply verify that you choose “Youth With A Mission Frontier Missions Inc.” as your preferred charity. Then, when you want to shop at Amazon, enter the marketplace through the AmazonSmile gateway, smile.amazon.com, rather than the standard Amazon site. Each product has an indication of whether or not it qualifies for the program. With every qualifying purchase, the Amazon Foundation will donate 0.5% of the price to our organization.

YWAM Frontier Missions

But wait – there’s more! Amazon will occasionally “sweeten the pot” and offer to make additional donations. For example, leading up to Father’s Day on June 15th, any purchase generated an extra $5 gift to YWAM Frontier Missions. Watch for similar promotions from time to time!

Update: As of mid-August, you, our supporters who had designated “Youth With A Mission Frontier Missions Inc.” as your charity of choice, had spent nearly $3700 via AmazonSmile, generating donations of over $18 to our organization. Thank you very much! That may not seem like much, but it proves that the system is working. Please pass the word along to your friends.

Craig addressing school children

God’s Sure Guidance

Craig and his DTS outreach team were asked to help long-term missionaries locate an unreached people group in an Asian nation.

After a long bus ride out into the countryside, the team divided into two groups. Craig’s group was told to hike into a large area and look for the people group’s villages. They had a map and a majority-language translator with them, but they didn’t have a clue where to begin.

They asked the Lord to guide them before they set out from the place where the bus left them. After walking along the paved road for two hours, …continue reading…

Storytelling Changes Lives

After an initial training session, a YWAM OneStory team traveled to China and settled among an unreached people group of about 70,000 members — a people group without Christ, without a church, without any Scripture. Their mission: To help create a set of 33 Biblically accurate stories in the language of the people group, the first time they would have God’s truth in their own tongue. As each story was created, it would be told and retold orally until …continue reading…

You Can Tell a Story, Too!

“Joining a OneStory team is one of the most fruitful ways you can spend two years of your life. Not only will you bring the Word of God to those with no scripture, but it is also proving to be a very effective method for starting churches among the unreached.” — Gina Fadely, former Int’l. Director, YWAM Frontier Missions

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran seeking a break-through strategy or you want to go for a short-term stint and see big results, OneStory may be a perfect fit. Dedicate two to three years and sign on for a full OneStory project. You’ll join a team, pick a people group, receive …continue reading…