Craig and his DTS outreach team were asked to help long-term missionaries locate an unreached people group in an Asian nation.

After a long bus ride out into the countryside, the team divided into two groups. Craig’s group was told to hike into a large area and look for the people group’s villages. They had a map and a majority-language translator with them, but they didn’t have a clue where to begin.

They asked the Lord to guide them before they set out from the place where the bus left them. After walking along the paved road for two hours, they turned off onto a dirt track up into the mountains. It was a hard, uphill climb, and the path forked and multiplied into many trails, each one a decision point. They continued to pray and followed each turn they thought the Lord wanted them to take.

Much of the time they walked in mud under rainy skies. Somewhere along the way, in between showers, Craig lost his raincoat. The hike became even more uncomfortable as large raindrops pummeled his body, and he wished he’d never taken the coat off.
Late in the day, they arrived at a school on the outskirts of a village. No teacher was there, so the tired hikers spent time playing with the unattended students and teaching them English words and phrases. As the dusky light of day faded, a teacher came into the building.

His eyes widened as he asked why they were at his school so far out in the country. Craig and his teammates told him about their search, and then it was their turn to be surprised.

They had come to one of the largest settlements of the people group they sought, and the school they stood in was the only one in which the language of that people was taught. They cheered and then whispered even more prayers of thanks when the teacher rolled out the team’s map under the light of an oil lamp and pointed out every other village where his people lived. God brought them through their long day of uncertainty to the right man in the right village, one who was able to answer all of their questions.
Two days later, Craig’s group walked back out of the mountains to meet up with the rest of their teammates. They enjoyed the bright, sunny day, and they couldn’t wait to tell their DTS classmates about the way the Lord had led them. Along the way they turned onto a new path, and there – where they had not walked before – they found Craig’s cleaned and folded raincoat on the ground beside the trail. And God wasn’t done yet.

When Craig, his fellow students, and the guide arrived at the main road, they set off on the two-hour hike back to where they would meet the other DTS group. They were only on the pavement for a few minutes when a taxi van filled with foreigners drove by, then pulled over ahead of them.

Loud greetings and warm laughter filled the vehicle as Craig and his crew crowded in to rejoin the rest of their DTS team for the ride back to the bus stop.

by Jovan Marko