The two Landrovers pulled into the service plaza on the remote stretch of Sahara Desert road, and their 15 passengers stiffly and gratefully climbed out. While the drivers filled up at the diesel pumps, the other team members wandered around, stretching their legs and exploring the limited food options. One young man, Andrew, approached a group of locals and began to talk with them, using the caution that was called for in this Muslim nation. He learned that one of the men was from a native ethnic group. “That’s wonderful!,” Andrew exclaimed. “We have been hoping to meet people from your group but didn’t expect to do so way out here in the desert. We have a movie about Jesus in your own language; would you like to watch it?” A team leader brought over a personal DVD player, and a small group was soon engrossed in the “Jesus” film. Midway through the movie, a truckload of national police arrived at the plaza, creating tension and temporarily halting the event. But after some of the policemen joined the group and demonstrated their friendliness, the movie was started over and eventually watched to the end. The indigenous man seemed especially interested in the Gospel message, so Andrew gave him a New Testament in his language and exchanged cell phone numbers with him before the outreach team resumed its journey.

The next morning, Andrew left his tent early to seek a place to have a quiet time with the Lord. Although the team had been instructed to stay near the vehicles, Andrew felt led towards a small hill some distance away. Regularly checking that he was still within eyesight of the camp, he reached the hill and climbed to its summit. Suddenly, his cell phone beeped its alert that he had received a text message – only possible because he was standing on high ground. When he flipped open the phone, he recognized the sending number as that of the indigenous man back at the service plaza. What he read next caused his heart to race: “I aim to kneel to Jesus, Christian.”

The indigenous man did indeed give his life to the Lord. Code-named “Paul”, he is receiving follow-up visits and discipleship from long-term workers. (That’s Andrew and Paul in the photo above.) The outreach team was composed primarily of young missionary trainees from a YWAM center in southern Spain, and this was just one of the miraculous answers to prayer that they experienced while traveling through the Sahara Desert.

* * * * *

In Luke 10:2, Jesus exhorts his followers with these words: “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” Join us in regularly asking the Lord to send out more harvest workers. Set your watch or cell phone alarm to beep at 10:02 as a helpful reminder!