Photo of Pastor Jack Hayford“The influence of YWAM and the leadership of Loren Cunningham, in character and constancy, has been, under God’s grace, one of the most determinative factors in bringing about the global Church’s renewal and impact in the last half of the 20th century.”
Dr. Jack W. Hayford, President, Foursquare International

“The expansion of God’s kingdom has been accelerated by the phenomenal mobilization efforts of Youth With A Mission. The vision and creativity of YWAM has inspired and challenged other Great Commission organizations to greater boldness and innovation for reaching our world for Jesus Christ.”
Dr. Jerry Rankin, Past President, International Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention

Photo of Michael W. Smith“I am a big believer in the roaring lambs philosophy of showing our faith through our actions, not just our words. That’s what I admire about YWAM — they take this philosophy worldwide!”
Michael W. Smith, musician

“It is probably the most significant seedbed for leadership in the Christian movement today. So many people of vision now in pastorates and other leadership positions have been impacted by and have come out of that ministry. It is this that makes YWAM one of the, if not the, most influential movements in our Christian world today.”
Paul McKaughan, Head of the Evangelical Foreign Mission Association

“Loren Cunningham has been one of the most adventuresome visionaries of our time. What he has accomplished staggers the imagination. God gave him a dream and he lived it out — very few of us do that. Wherever I go I seem to run into people who have been discipled into radical discipleship by YWAM. …I can safely say that YWAM is one of the most important and effective movements in Christendom today.”
Dr. Tony Campolo, Professor of Sociology, Eastern College, Pennsylvania

“We congratulate Youth With A Mission on their vision and creativity in training youth to reach around the world for Christ in education, mercy ministries, evangelism and frontier missions. We rejoice with you in the faithfulness of God and of His people! May God continue to bless you and use you mightily as you invest in and contribute to the lives of Christian young people in your efforts to reach the world for Christ.”
Dr. David Yonggi Cho, Senior Pastor, Yoido Full Gospel Church, Seoul, Korea

“I consider them to be the most effective mission organization.”
Dr. Jim Engel, Center for Organizational Excellence

“I know of no other organization in the Christian missionary field that has produced and continues to produce such outstanding, mature and Spirit-led young men and women. ”
David Aikman, author and former TIME Magazine editor, Washington D.C.

Photo of Bill Hybels“Whenever I’m traveling and speaking internationally and meet high-committed, servant-oriented Christian leaders, I think to myself, ‘Another YWAMer!’ I’m rarely mistaken. I am so grateful for the work of YWAM and for the intensity with which you do it.”
Bill Hybels, founder, Willow Creek Association of churches

“Over the last 40 years, Youth With A Mission has become one of the premier missionary organizations in the world. Not only has it effectively spread the gospel and ministered to practical needs of the underprivileged around the globe, it has captured the imagination and energy of young people, infusing them with a vision — and providing a unique way — for reaching the lost!”
Bill McCartney, founder & former president, Promise Keepers

“Thirty-five years ago I spent an entire night in prayer and discussion with Loren Cunningham. As he described his unique vision still in its infancy, I paused at one point and said, ‘Loren, if this happens it will change the world.’ How I rejoice that we now can look back and declare it has truly happened — and it continues to happen. YWAM, to me, is one of the most significant evangelism strategies in the history of the Church. What an extraordinary work wrought by our extraordinary God!”
Dr. Dick Eastman, International President, Every Home for Christ

“Youth With A Mission is one of the most cutting-edge ministries I know. I appreciate their open structure and passion for winning people to Jesus with all and any means possible. I encourage everyone to support and get involved with the exciting ministries of YWAM!”
Dr. Hans Finzel, Executive Director, CB

Photo of Rebecca Saint James“My life has been so powerfully impacted by missions. I’ve been involved with trips to India, to Romania, to Ecuador. And I just have seen God move through those trips powerfully in my life and seen how God uses that to change people’s lives in those countries. I have had some very close friends of mine who have worked with Youth With A Mission and been on mission trips and their lives have been radically turned around by working with this ministry. So, I encourage people considering going on a missions trip to link up with YWAM because it is an incredible ministry.”
Rebecca Saint James, musician

“I have observed first hand the magnificent, mighty way the Lord has used Youth With A Mission. It is Biblical, Christ-centered and Spirit-empowered. Dynamic evangelism is coupled with profound caring for people.”
Rev. Dr. Lloyd Ogilvie, former U.S. Senate Chaplain and pastor emeritus of Hollywood Presbyterian Church

“When God saw fit to place our ministry in Asia, we did not know who would be our companions in the gospel. We went in obedience to God and he gave us YWAM. It seemed that we were ‘a lost tribe’ to them and they loved and supported us in every way. Their Kingdom vision has forever blessed us.”
Rev. Dr. Jon C. Shuler, General Secretary, New Anglican Missionary Society

“I first learned about YWAM 25 years ago in connection with the Bibles and other Christian literature we print for difficult areas of the world. I was inspired to realize that there are selfless soldiers of Jesus Christ around the world willing to give all in any situation. The feet and hands of YWAM have been a tremendous help for the gospel. They were then and still are today the feet and hands of Christ.”
Tom White, Director, The Voice of the Martyrs

“YWAM is a powerful voice for Christ around the world. I am pleased and proud to salute Loren Cunningham and all of those faithful people with whom he has served over these four decades. May God continue to guide this pioneering venture in the years ahead.”
Millard Fuller, Founder, Habitat for Humanity International, Inc.

Photo of Franklin Graham“It has been my privilege over the years to observe and participate with Youth With A Mission on numerous projects around the world. Their focus on evangelism is always great. YWAM has a tremendous team of dedicated servants of the Lord, and I always marvel at how God has been able to use them in so many strategic areas of the world.”
Franklin Graham, President, Samaritan’s Purse

“From one who has partnered with and known YWAMers in mission for 20+ years: YWAM to me speaks of youthful innovation and energy! A ‘can do’ attitude, a commitment to strategic frontiers! YWAM speaks of cultivating and releasing every believer in their Great Commission calling! YWAM to me exemplifies teamwork, real relationships, sincerity and humility toward the harvest.”
Dick Bashta, Executive Director, Adopt-A-People Clearinghouse

“I thank and praise our wonderful Lord for the world impact YWAM has had in helping to fulfill the Great Commission. Loren Cunningham along with the leadership and staff of YWAM has always been a great inspiration and blessing to me. …Their faith, boldness and zeal for our dear Lord have been a significant factor in this greatest-of-all-time spiritual harvests for Christ’s kingdom in the past 40 years.”
The late Dr. Bill Bright, Founder, Campus Crusade for Christ Intl.

“My wife Doris and I have reflected upon the impact that the ministry of YWAM has had on our own family. We counted that our children had been on no less than 14 short-term mission outreaches with YWAM. As one outside the YWAM family, I had come to see the many lessons I learned from the experiences of my own children. YWAM has had a major world impact. …YWAMers have always been part of new spiritually-critical, cutting-edge initiatives. They have a pioneering spirit; a discipleship emphasis on servanthood; a culture of innovation and a passion for Jesus and partnership with other Christian entities in advancing the Kingdom of God.”
Luis Bush, Former Director, AD 2000 and Beyond

“The impact of this vision and continued ministry is beyond calculation. Its radical commitment to the Kingdom of God in responsible and anointed evangelism and discipleship in partnership with local churches is to be highly commended.”
Derek Crumpton, Foundation Ministries, East London, South Africa

Photo of Paul Eshleman“YWAM is a wonderful blessing to the whole body of Christ. Their courageous pioneer spirit is helping to take the gospel to the most remote corners of the world.”
Paul Eshleman, The Jesus Film Project & Finishing the Task

“Tear Australia has collaborated with YWAM in Asia/Pacific relief and development services for the past 10 years. Over this time, nothing has deterred us from having anything but the greatest respect for those parts of the YWAM organization with which we have dealt. Your willingness to be in the most difficult places; your capacity to deliver high-quality aid at low cost; the dedication of your staff; your commitment to hand over responsibilities to local people in the shortest possible time; your discipline and accountability — these are qualities that make us feel honored to work with you. ”
Peter Fitzgerald, Project Director, Tear Australia

“YWAM provides a positive alternative for energetic young people. For some, the choice can be as clear and dramatic as rebellion versus submission. The danger and thrill of drugs, gangs and the street seduces them into rebellion from their parents’ world. However, YWAM offers similar excitement through an alternative means — submission to Jesus Christ. YWAMers love God and follow him with the same reckless abandon that characterized the first century disciples.”
Gregory Fritz, President, Caleb Project

“I have known the YWAM organization for some 20 years and I have grown to respect its leaders’ vision, dedication, and passion for world evangelization. YWAMers are everywhere today and they are often on the cutting edge of mission advance.”
Dr. Roger S. Greenway, Professor of World Missiology, Calvin Theological Seminary

“YWAM has made a tremendous impact over the years in challenging both young and old alike to make themselves available to Christ for service in worldwide missions. I remember when I first came in contact with YWAM in Nepal in 1973-76. My wife and I were impressed with the dedication and the servant hearts of your workers. Over the years many of the children of our members have joined YWAM to work in various ministries around the world. Some of your short-term workers have joined us in the Bible translation task. We have counted it as a privilege to be partners with you in carrying out the Great Commission.”
Dick Hugoniot, Past President, Wycliffe Bible Translators International

“When I think of YWAM, I am reminded of the many people that have spread out around the world sharing Christ’s love in many new ways and bringing the life saving message of the cross to the lost of this world. Ordinary people who are filled with the Holy Spirit doing great things for God.”
Paul C. Kennel, Past President, World Concern

Photo of Darrow Miller“The first time I met Loren [Cunningham], he described YWAM as a tribe. I knew that I was a ‘lost member’ of the tribe. My first contact with YWAM was over 30 years ago while a student at L’Abri Fellowship in Switzerland. I have seen this small band of brothers and sisters grow to become one of the most dynamic missions movements in recent history. YWAM has encouraged men and women to dream and to bring those dreams before the face of God. During my lifetime, no one has spoken more boldly that the mission of the church is more than saving souls for heaven but is nothing less than the discipling of nations. As I have traveled around the world, it is the YWAM tribe that gives us a foretaste of what Heaven will be like, men and women from every tribe and nation bowing before Christ and worshiping the living God. Thank you, YWAM, for allowing me to be a member of the tribe.”
Darrow L. Miller, Vice-President, Food for the Hungry International

“Down through the centuries of the Church age, God has given us great evangelists, theologians, missiologists and inspiring prophets and teachers. In our time, I believe the Lord is raising up a whole new category of Church leaders that I refer to as Great Commissionists. These are the men and women with the vision and prophetic word to call the Body of Christ to work at completing the Great Commission in our time. Of even greater significance, these are the committed servants of the Lord who lay down their lives in actually developing bold, comprehensive, and realistic strategies that could lead directly to the completion of this majestic task. Loren Cunningham, and the YWAM network that is the lengthening shadow of this man of God, is certainly one of the small band of mighty spiritual warriors who fit this category. It is a profound delight to me that I am able to know Loren Cunningham and to share vicariously in the Kingdom effort for which the Holy Spirit has anointed him.”
Dr. James H. Montgomery, President, DAWN Ministries

“YWAM is a unique contribution to world mission. YWAM has been highly effective in attracting mission entrepreneurs, especially among young people, and mobilizing them for a wide range of important mission work. Sprawling, sometimes messy and very nimble, YWAM’s entrepreneurial spirit is the envy of the larger, more structured missions. YWAM’s dependence on the movement of the Spirit of God in directing its work is a witness to all of us.”
Bryant Myers, Vice-President, World Vision

“No matter where I go in the world, YWAM is there — or at least within hiking distance. I know of no other organization so dedicated or intrepid. No place and no one is beyond the reach of this dedicated band. No less impressive is YWAM’s versatility. Like a multi-faceted gem, it is at once difficult to define and beautiful to behold …What a program, what a legacy, what a God! And through it all, YWAM has never lost sight of the fact that good programs must follow good character. That is why I trust this ministry and am proud to have invested a decade of service with them. Any accomplishments I may realize in life are surely the outflow of their faithful nature.”
George K. Otis, Jr., President & CEO, The Sentinel Group

“Youth With A Mission’s versatility and creativity make it a reference point and pace setter in the world missionary movement. The inspiring story of how God has used YWAM to impact the world, training thousands of laborers and generating new missionary movements in every quarter, is surely one of the greatest testimonies in our era.”
Stephen L. Richardson, U.S. Director, Pioneers

“The ministry of YWAM has grown considerably over the past four decades. It is now, in my estimation, one of the most strategic agencies penetrating the mission frontier.”
Tetsunao “Ted” Yamamori, President & CEO, Food for the Hungry International

“For breadth of involvement, magnitude, and creativity, few organizations can match the dynamic distinctives of YWAM. God has greatly used Loren Cunningham and the thousands who have served with YWAM. And many, many will be eternally grateful as a result.”
David Cummings, Past President, Wycliffe Bible Translators

“YWAM has been an incredible inspiration to thousands of people around the world, refreshing the parts other ministries cannot reach.”
Martin Smith, lead vocalist, Delirious?