God is showing His love in powerful ways in Tamil Nadu, India, where some church-planting couples have started more than 15 house churches. One of the keys to their success is how God answers their prayers for healing and deliverance.

Solomon and his family (photo above) work in a rural area. They pray and look for opportunities to share the gospel with local community leaders. One day, Solomon learned that the village leader was very sick. He went to his home and found that this man had very swollen legs and could not walk. He had been like this for quite some time, had visited many doctors, done lots of sacrifices to the idols and nothing had helped him. When Solomon prayed in the name of Jesus, the man’s legs were instantly healed and returned to normal size! He put his trust in God, and Solomon began a regular Bible Study in his home.

Other healings and miracles followed – the village clerk who suffered from water tumors; the grandmother who was partially paralyzed; the young man who needed a job; the demonized man who ran naked through the village when the moon was dark. All were set free and accepted Jesus as Lord.

The miracle most precious to Solomon, though, involves his teenage daughter. In 2009, within months, she completely lost her sight. The family was told that her only hope was a double eye transplant. With no money and no donor eyes, it seemed impossible. After months of waiting, they were notified that two eyes were available, and they were called to the city for the surgery. They arrived at the hospital with little money but trusting in God. As they waited to consult with the doctor, God completely healed her and she was able to see perfectly! When the new surgeon examined her, he asked, “Did you already go to another hospital and have the transplants done?” Yet another miracle had happened in Tamil Nadu!

Solomon and his family continue to serve God and plant house churches in this village area. They believe that hundreds of people will know the love and power of the Living God and that their village area will experience His amazing transformation.