After an initial training session, a YWAM OneStory team traveled to China and settled among an unreached people group of about 70,000 members — a people group without Christ, without a church, without any Scripture. Their mission: To help create a set of 33 Biblically accurate stories in the language of the people group, the first time they would have God’s truth in their own tongue. As each story was created, it would be told and retold orally until refined to a finished version, which would then be recorded and distributed. Although the story set would not include the entire Bible, each story had been carefully selected to communicate a key aspect of God’s character, Biblical principles, vital spiritual truths, and the Good News about Jesus Christ.

The YWAMers enlisted the help of several local women as “story crafters” and embarked on a systematic plan to complete the story set and to visit every village in which the group lived. With each visit, the team would pray over the village, then gather a group of listeners and recite one or more of the Bible stories, encouraging those present to learn the new stories and tell them to others.

After 2-1/2 years, the full set of Bible stories was completed. Other workers joined the YWAM team, visiting all 110 villages of the people group and telling each story numerous times. God’s Word has not returned to Him empty! As people heard Biblical truth in their own language, they responded in faith, and many became followers of Jesus Christ. They were gathered into fellowships (churches), and the new believers continue to spread the stories to others. One fellowship started another, which in turn started another, which started yet another (a fourth-generation church). So far, 11 fellowships have begun! Indigenous leaders are being developed, promising continued growth and multiplication.

Orally telling stories straight from the Bible, in the language of the people, has sparked the beginning of a spontaneously self-multiplying movement to Christ in this region of China.

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