“Joining a OneStory team is one of the most fruitful ways you can spend two years of your life. Not only will you bring the Word of God to those with no scripture, but it is also proving to be a very effective method for starting churches among the unreached.” — Gina Fadely, former Int’l. Director, YWAM Frontier Missions

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran seeking a break-through strategy or you want to go for a short-term stint and see big results, OneStory may be a perfect fit. Dedicate two to three years and sign on for a full OneStory project. You’ll join a team, pick a people group, receive initial and ongoing training, and produce a complete set of Bible stories in the language of an ethnic people group that has had no prior access to the Word of God. You’ll probably change people’s lives in this group for generations to come!

For field workers who desire to communicate God’s Word more effectively, OneStory offers seminars on Bible Storying. The course includes gaining a better understanding of how oral communicators think and prefer learning, basic worldview and cultural issues in choosing Bible stories, methods for crafting stories with mother-tongue speakers, and how to lead a story session to encourage immediate replication and application. Experienced field workers can often fast-track a OneStory project, completing a Bible story set within a year’s time. A number of story sets are ready for ministry use; they can be downloaded from the OneStory media website.

Learn more at OneStory’s main website, and check our Seminars page for current training options.


(What are you doing for the next two years?)