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Photo of Yao men eating at a wedding feast

Breakthroughs Among the Yao of Mozambique

We were young, excited YWAMers, and we went in 1998 to live among the Yao people. At that time, there were just about ten Yao believers in the whole of Mozambique. It was the hardest people group in that whole area. That was like the stronghold, where the devil really had his hands on the Yao people.

For the first eight years, we lived in the city, and we saw very little happen. We basically learned what not to do. Then we got connected with Frontier Missions, and we started learning to do a few things differently. …continue reading…

Graphic image highlighting dense population in South and East Asia

Surprising Numbers

The Center for the Study of Global Christianity, based at Gordon Conwell Seminary, published an excellent report in June 2013 regarding Christianity in its Global Context. Below are some statistics that may surprise you. (More details can be found online at Gordon Conwell’s website).

On the map above, 3.819 billion people live within the highlighted circle, and 3.227 billion live elsewhere.

Here are the twenty countries with the highest Average Annual Christian Growth Rate:

1 Nepal (Asia, South Central): 10.93%

2 China (Asia, Eastern): 10.86%

3 United Arab Emirates (Arabian Peninsula): 9.34%
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Graphic image of the 10/40 Window

Where are the Workers – Part 2

We’ve talked in the past about the skewed percentages of where Christians are working cross-culturally. I came across a stat today that reminded me of that, and it got me a bit fired up. In 2010, the nine nations that received the most international missionaries were home to only 3.4% of the world’s non-Christians. I had mentioned previously that on average there is one Christian worker for every 278,431 people living in unreached people groups. Using that ratio, we can estimate that in most nations in the 10/40 Window, there are roughly 4 missionaries for every 1 million non-Christians. …continue reading…

Photo of Andrew and Paul

“I Aim to Kneel”

The two Landrovers pulled into the service plaza on the remote stretch of Sahara Desert road, and their 15 passengers stiffly and gratefully climbed out. While the drivers filled up at the diesel pumps, the other team members wandered around, stretching their legs and exploring the limited food options. One young man, Andrew, approached a group of locals and began to talk with them, using the caution that was called for in this Muslim nation. He learned that one of the men was from a native ethnic group. “That’s wonderful!,” Andrew exclaimed. “We have been hoping to meet people from your group but didn’t expect to do so way out here in the desert. We have a movie about Jesus in your own language; would you like to watch it?” A team leader brought over a personal DVD player, and a small group was soon engrossed in the “Jesus” film. Midway through the movie, a truckload of national police arrived at the plaza, creating tension and temporarily halting the event. …continue reading…

Photo of Brian with African missions students

In Livingstone’s Boot Prints

The biggest thrill for Louise and me, in everything the Father has us doing among the unreached, is exemplified by a recent experience. We were asked to travel to a very remote village on Inhassunge Island in the mouth of the Zambezi River near Quelimane, Mozambique – the endpoint of David Livingstone’s famous west-to-east crossing of south-central Africa in 1856. Justino, who I’d trained in a Yao village in northern Mozambique and who’d staffed the training I did in South Africa two years ago, is catalyzing a church planting movement among the largely M*sl*m Karungu people group on the island. As if that weren’t enough, …continue reading…