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Photo of Darkhad Valley in Mongolia

Unto the Darkhad There Came a Great Light

In the barely accessible and seldom visited central hump of northern Mongolia, just west of Lake Khövsgöl, lies Darkhad Valley, the homeland of the Darkhad tribe. About sixteen thousand Darkhad, mostly herdsmen (though darkhad means craftsmen), cling to a difficult semi-nomadic existence in this harsh and wild environment that is considered remote and inaccessible even by Mongolian standards. …continue reading…

Photo of taxis on the street in India

Living from Fullness rather than Emptiness

This morning I’m remembering something that happened to me a few years ago. We had been on a long trip, traveling as we so often do by the Indian rail system. Our train had been delayed, and we arrived into our own city very late at night. We finally reached there and got a taxi to go to our home. It must have been around midnight. We got into a taxi, bargained for a price, and headed home – the final leg of a long journey. A few minutes into the ride, the taxi driver stopped at a shuttered storefront, got out, and started banging on the front of it. “What in the world are you doing?” I asked. “I need petrol,” he said. It wasn’t even a proper petrol pump! They didn’t have any, so we crept along hoping to find a place to get petrol so we could go forward and make it home. We finally found a station that was open, got a liter or two of petrol, and made our way to our destination. …continue reading…

Graphic image highlighting dense population in South and East Asia

Surprising Numbers

The Center for the Study of Global Christianity, based at Gordon Conwell Seminary, published an excellent report in June 2013 regarding Christianity in its Global Context. Below are some statistics that may surprise you. (More details can be found online at Gordon Conwell’s website).

On the map above, 3.819 billion people live within the highlighted circle, and 3.227 billion live elsewhere.

Here are the twenty countries with the highest Average Annual Christian Growth Rate:

1 Nepal (Asia, South Central): 10.93%

2 China (Asia, Eastern): 10.86%

3 United Arab Emirates (Arabian Peninsula): 9.34%
…continue reading…

Graphic image of the 10/40 Window

Where are the Workers – Part 2

We’ve talked in the past about the skewed percentages of where Christians are working cross-culturally. I came across a stat today that reminded me of that, and it got me a bit fired up. In 2010, the nine nations that received the most international missionaries were home to only 3.4% of the world’s non-Christians. I had mentioned previously that on average there is one Christian worker for every 278,431 people living in unreached people groups. Using that ratio, we can estimate that in most nations in the 10/40 Window, there are roughly 4 missionaries for every 1 million non-Christians. …continue reading…

Photo of author Jen and her Indian friend

Woman on the Wall

There are some places and moments that start to fade away almost instantly, their memory becoming faint all too quickly. There are other places and moments that stick, as if they have found a home in the deepest parts of you, and they wouldn’t leave even if you tried forcing them out. India held both for me. As I have spent the last two months reflecting, I realize that India left me with more of the deep, weighty memories than it did fleeting, fading ones. This was a surprise to me, but I can confidently say that India and her people will be with me forever.

The woman in the picture at the top of this post is one of the women who can never be erased from my heart and will keep me conscious of my purpose and intent in all that I do. …continue reading…

Photo of the Himalaya mountains


To say that hiking through the Himalayas was a challenge for me would be one of the grossest understatements of my life. In fact, the sheer determination and focus it took to get me up and down those mountains was impressive, if I do say so myself. The sole motivating factor for me came in the form of faces – the faces of the people living in the villages scattered along the path we were traveling. The hike to the highest point on our route would take us was about 4 days in and many thousands of feet high. I realized that using myself as a point of reference for the fact that these people hike this path all the time was part of the reason I was often in disbelief, but really?! The isolation they live in is not only peace evoking, but a bit scary as well. What if something was to happen to one of the children, and they had to make the journey down in order to find aid that met the need? …continue reading…

Photo of the woman on the beach

The Woman in the Sea

Halfway through the “Fire and Spirit” discipleship school, the students are divided into teams and sent out to share with unbelievers, pray for people on the street, and continue to grow in their relationship with the Lord and one another as they learn to work together. Please pray for these teams and the people they encounter. We are grateful and excited that the Lord touches people as the students step out in faith and God moves in miraculous ways. Here are some exciting testimonies:

During a prayer time before going out on the streets to share and pray for people, some students and staff felt the Lord telling them that they should go to a nearby mosque, where they would find a woman wearing a pink dress. One person also felt the Lord spoke the name “Murat”. As they walked past the mosque, …continue reading…