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Photo of Andrew and Paul

“I Aim to Kneel”

The two Landrovers pulled into the service plaza on the remote stretch of Sahara Desert road, and their 15 passengers stiffly and gratefully climbed out. While the drivers filled up at the diesel pumps, the other team members wandered around, stretching their legs and exploring the limited food options. One young man, Andrew, approached a group of locals and began to talk with them, using the caution that was called for in this Muslim nation. He learned that one of the men was from a native ethnic group. “That’s wonderful!,” Andrew exclaimed. “We have been hoping to meet people from your group but didn’t expect to do so way out here in the desert. We have a movie about Jesus in your own language; would you like to watch it?” A team leader brought over a personal DVD player, and a small group was soon engrossed in the “Jesus” film. Midway through the movie, a truckload of national police arrived at the plaza, creating tension and temporarily halting the event. …continue reading…

Vintage photo of immigrants in America

Life in Little India

To say life has been busy lately is quite an understatement. I have been involved in teaching English to refugees, tutoring at the Homework Center of a neighborhood ministry, hosting people in our home who are on furlough from the mission field, accompanying visiting youth teams on outreach all around the city, visiting with Muslim ladies in their homes, and learning about the religions and cultures of our neighborhood.

After working with the young people on their homework, God gave Katrina and me favor with the girls, and we asked them to our house for a party. …continue reading…

Photo of the woman on the beach

The Woman in the Sea

Halfway through the “Fire and Spirit” discipleship school, the students are divided into teams and sent out to share with unbelievers, pray for people on the street, and continue to grow in their relationship with the Lord and one another as they learn to work together. Please pray for these teams and the people they encounter. We are grateful and excited that the Lord touches people as the students step out in faith and God moves in miraculous ways. Here are some exciting testimonies:

During a prayer time before going out on the streets to share and pray for people, some students and staff felt the Lord telling them that they should go to a nearby mosque, where they would find a woman wearing a pink dress. One person also felt the Lord spoke the name “Murat”. As they walked past the mosque, …continue reading…

Celebrating Progress in the Muslim World

It was many years ago now that a group of YWAM workers met together and began what would become known as YWAM Frontier Missions. The Lord spoke to some of them specifically about His concern for Muslims. Church planting teams were soon sent into Muslim South Asia, North Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

In 1992, there was an accident and a desert meeting that would change YWAM internationally. The North Africa regional director was carrying an armful of tent poles down a hillside when …continue reading…

Photo of worker with children in Middle East

Simple Clues Lead to Treasure

Effectively sharing the gospel with Muslims seems like a daunting challenge; there are so many barriers of culture and belief that it’s hard to know where and how to begin. Some of our workers are finding encouragement in a simple practice they call “treasure hunting”. Before going out, they spend time in prayer, asking God to give them words, pictures, or impressions that will lead them to people that He has prepared for the Good News. Then they search for those clues and follow up as best they can. A team in the Middle East …continue reading…