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Photo of Yao men eating at a wedding feast

Breakthroughs Among the Yao of Mozambique

We were young, excited YWAMers, and we went in 1998 to live among the Yao people. At that time, there were just about ten Yao believers in the whole of Mozambique. It was the hardest people group in that whole area. That was like the stronghold, where the devil really had his hands on the Yao people.

For the first eight years, we lived in the city, and we saw very little happen. We basically learned what not to do. Then we got connected with Frontier Missions, and we started learning to do a few things differently. …continue reading…

Photo of taxis on the street in India

Living from Fullness rather than Emptiness

This morning I’m remembering something that happened to me a few years ago. We had been on a long trip, traveling as we so often do by the Indian rail system. Our train had been delayed, and we arrived into our own city very late at night. We finally reached there and got a taxi to go to our home. It must have been around midnight. We got into a taxi, bargained for a price, and headed home – the final leg of a long journey. A few minutes into the ride, the taxi driver stopped at a shuttered storefront, got out, and started banging on the front of it. “What in the world are you doing?” I asked. “I need petrol,” he said. It wasn’t even a proper petrol pump! They didn’t have any, so we crept along hoping to find a place to get petrol so we could go forward and make it home. We finally found a station that was open, got a liter or two of petrol, and made our way to our destination. …continue reading…

Celebrating Progress in the Muslim World

It was many years ago now that a group of YWAM workers met together and began what would become known as YWAM Frontier Missions. The Lord spoke to some of them specifically about His concern for Muslims. Church planting teams were soon sent into Muslim South Asia, North Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

In 1992, there was an accident and a desert meeting that would change YWAM internationally. The North Africa regional director was carrying an armful of tent poles down a hillside when …continue reading…