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Simonet painting of Jesus teaching his disciples

Commands of Christ

One of the things cross-cultural workers often struggle with is deciding what are the most important things to teach to new believers/churches. One of our goals in the School of Frontier Missions (SOFM) is to help students strip away the things our culture has attached and discover what, at its simplest, someone must do to be a disciple of Jesus.

The best teaching resource I’ve found comes from George Patterson. …continue reading…

Photo of Brian with African missions students

In Livingstone’s Boot Prints

The biggest thrill for Louise and me, in everything the Father has us doing among the unreached, is exemplified by a recent experience. We were asked to travel to a very remote village on Inhassunge Island in the mouth of the Zambezi River near Quelimane, Mozambique – the endpoint of David Livingstone’s famous west-to-east crossing of south-central Africa in 1856. Justino, who I’d trained in a Yao village in northern Mozambique and who’d staffed the training I did in South Africa two years ago, is catalyzing a church planting movement among the largely M*sl*m Karungu people group on the island. As if that weren’t enough, …continue reading…