Effectively sharing the gospel with Muslims seems like a daunting challenge; there are so many barriers of culture and belief that it’s hard to know where and how to begin. Some of our workers are finding encouragement in a simple practice they call “treasure hunting”. Before going out, they spend time in prayer, asking God to give them words, pictures, or impressions that will lead them to people that He has prepared for the Good News. Then they search for those clues and follow up as best they can. A team in the Middle East reported the following experiences:

As Imran and his team sought God, He gave them the name “Ahmed” and the impression that Ahmed’s son was sick. They searched for “Ahmed” for some time, without success. As they regrouped near a police station, Imran asked a uniformed officer for directions. Then Imran felt lead to ask the man if his name was Ahmed. He verified that it was. When asked if he had a sick son, he said, “Yes; how did you know?” Imran responded, “God told us.” Ahmed was skeptical and requested that the team wait while he went into the police station to change his clothes. When he came back out, he expressed suspicion at the team’s knowledge about him and was clearly frustrated at their continued insistence that they had heard from God. Imran offered to go home with him in order to talk more and to pray for his son, but Ahmed refused. The team prayed on the spot for the son and gave Ahmed a contact number, and he left. The next day, Ahmed phoned Imran and said, “My son got healed just after you prayed. Who told you about my son and me?” Then he told Imran that two years ago he had received a Bible but didn’t understand it. When he would open it, he felt electricity going through his body. He had been praying for two years that God would send someone to explain the word to him.

On another occasion, Imran’s team was praying and got a picture of an old man in a black and blue jacket and the impression that he was lonely and sick. The weather outside was warm, and no one was wearing a jacket. The team searched the city for a man who matched their image, but to no avail. Imran finally decided to give up and go home. Just then, a tall man wearing a black and blue jacket passed him. He hurried after the man, following him through one alley and shop to another, trying to decide how best to approach him. Finally Imran just stopped the man and said, “Do you know that God loves you? He has sent us to tell you that. Are you lonely?” The man said yes, he was lonely and that his life was troubled. Imran shared how much God loved him and cared for him and that he could put his life in God’s hands. The man had tears in his eyes, and so did Imran as they hugged each other.