Halfway through the “Fire and Spirit” discipleship school, the students are divided into teams and sent out to share with unbelievers, pray for people on the street, and continue to grow in their relationship with the Lord and one another as they learn to work together. Please pray for these teams and the people they encounter. We are grateful and excited that the Lord touches people as the students step out in faith and God moves in miraculous ways. Here are some exciting testimonies:

During a prayer time before going out on the streets to share and pray for people, some students and staff felt the Lord telling them that they should go to a nearby mosque, where they would find a woman wearing a pink dress. One person also felt the Lord spoke the name “Murat”. As they walked past the mosque, they saw a house with pink curtains, but no woman wearing a pink dress. They continued further and then turned around, remembering that the Lord had instructed them to stay close to the mosque.

On their return, they saw a woman in a pink dress coming out of the house with pink curtains! They shared with her what they had felt from God when praying, which made the woman in pink cry and feel very special because God had led them to her in such a personal way. They then prayed for her, as well as for another woman who was present. During the conversation, they learned that the woman in pink had a handicapped son, whose name was MURAT! Please pray for this family, that the Lord will continue to work in their hearts and that they would respond to His loving presence and truth.

In another incident, we were at the beach and saw a woman in the shallow water with her clothes on. She was making strange movements with her arms and hands, and it looked almost like she was praying in some strange way. My wife started praying for her as she felt God’s compassion for this woman. We joined in as a family, and I had a desire to go and pray with her. I asked the Lord for a specific word for her that I could share that would touch her heart. I felt the Lord put on my heart that she was concerned about her mother and thought that perhaps her mother was ill.

When she came out of the water, I quickly got up and called my daughter to come with me, since it is less appropriate in the culture for me as a man to talk alone to a woman I don’t know. We trailed behind her to her spot and told her, “We saw you in the water and we began praying for you because we want to bless you.” She responded very warmly. Then I said, “God showed me that you are concerned about your mother, and I feel that maybe she is ill.” She started crying, as that really touched what was in her heart. She then invited us to sit down with her in the shade, where we prayed and talked for about 45 minutes. She was so desperate for the presence and love of God that at one point she asked me, “Would you pray for me once more?” Since that day, we have met with her again, and she has come to our fellowship meeting. Please pray for her to respond to her Heavenly Father, who has poured out His love upon her and longs to do so much more in her life.

We believe that He is going to bring a big harvest of souls and that we are to prepare others and ourselves for that! Thank you for praying with us!