We’ve talked in the past about the skewed percentages of where Christians are working cross-culturally. I came across a stat today that reminded me of that, and it got me a bit fired up. In 2010, the nine nations that received the most international missionaries were home to only 3.4% of the world’s non-Christians. I had mentioned previously that on average there is one Christian worker for every 278,431 people living in unreached people groups. Using that ratio, we can estimate that in most nations in the 10/40 Window, there are roughly 4 missionaries for every 1 million non-Christians. Conversely, we have Samoa at the other end of the spectrum with the highest ratio of Christian workers per million people. In 2010, Samoa had 1 international missionary for every 2.5 non-Christians in the country!* Something needs to drastically change if we hope to see Matthew 24:14 fulfilled in our lifetime.

(I need to include a brief caveat here. I don’t intend to lessen or question the obedience of those going to places like Samoa, but rather wonder why more aren’t answering the call to go where Jesus’ name has never been proclaimed. I know the Father’s heart breaks for the tens of thousands that die daily without ever having a chance to hear the name of Jesus.)

* All stats taken from The Traveling Team.

(Aaron Herrema mobilizes and trains frontier missions workers. He lives and works with his wife and family in Florida.)